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Sep 6, 2012 9:00pm PDT
have a brief powerpoint presentation to take you through this project. we're asking for authorization to enter into exclusive negotiations with gsw for the purpose of developing piers 30, 32, and 330. in particular, gsw would be taking on the development of a multi-purpose facility that would be the home of the warriors, and their home games would be played there. but also conventions and other activities, as well as recreation and water-oriented facilities that would be developed as well. the exclusive negotiating agreement would be for a two- year time span, which would take it up to june 2014. and it would have the possibility of a one-year extension. so the slide you're seeing relates to the project milestones. you will see that along the top, it focuses on at the major milestones and the high level milestones. environmental impact report, certification, and the approval of the ldda. you also notice that there are, and as you know from your experience, there are a number of key tasks that will need to be accomplished during that time. fiscal feasibility, which will kick off the en
Sep 25, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in such an ugly way, the stench. i mean, here's another quote from politico. after paul ryan showed a powerpoint presentation to a crowd in orlando on saturday. the romney campaign was furious but ryan reportedly said let the ryan be ryan and let the stench be the stench. >> he didn't really say that, did he? >> the politico, they have people in the field. >> first of all, i will have you know there's nothing that fires up a crowd like a good powerpoint presentation. so kudos to paul ryan. it's kind of funny that mitt romney wouldn't embrace the powerpoint more. since in massachusetts he was the powerpoint guy and brought out the white board to do the medicare solvent under me which i guess made it so. paul ryan realized this was not a good move for his career. he was the serious guy, all the people who do the false equivalency wanted to look at him as someone who is putting forth smart solutions. now we see the emperor had no clothes. >> and joy, the commentators who are criticizing mitt romney for not being specific on part of his tax plan, on the deduction side of his tax plan. this is exactl
Sep 17, 2012 4:00pm PDT
the table in bayview. donna staffed a table. and we gave a powerpoint investigation. the roughly meeting of the alliance for murder -- better district 6 and had many questions. that is including the recent activity's report. i can start with the conclude -- conclude with the second report. unless there any questions from our ricin activity. >> did i hear you correctly that the number of mediations that were declined, which party declined? >> officers. >> the officers declined. >> thanks for confirming that. >> 33% of the officers to home mediation was offered declined. now on to our second quarter. you have the report in your packets. we have posted it on line -- we have posted it on line. during the second quarter, the occ received 882 complaints and closed 227 complaints. there were feared to take actions -- failure to take action in 23 cases. our staffing remains stable with 16 investigators. one of them is a temporary investigator, left because his six months were just about up and he had obtained permanent employment as a lawyer. in the oakland city's attorney's office. we continue
Sep 11, 2012 2:30pm PDT
operation -- i'm sorry. if we could bring up the powerpoint please. >> president chiu: it's on. >> great. radiological characterization and cleanup activities have been going on at treasure island for roughly six years now. to date, areas of known radiological contamination -- there's only three areas identified with no radiological contamination. we have a map here. i'm not sure... >> excuse me, could you speak directly into the microphone. >> i'm sorry. okay. if we could switch to the overhead, i'm told. there we go. the three areas with known contamination to date are site 12, the building 233 site, which i can't see because i just changed glasses, building 233 site, and then the site 31, which is in this area here. and that's the extent of known areas of known radiological contamination today at treasure island. it's important to recognize there's extensive oversight by all the navy's cleanup activities there. and through all its oversight activity they have not identified any human health concerns or human health issues at treasure island. likewise, they have consultants to tida bas
Sep 11, 2012 5:30am PDT
and elizabeth sitron is helping me with the powerpoint portion of my presentation because i'm 67 years now and i'm technically challenged. i've lived in liberty hill since 1979, i was in my early 30's then and i am one of the founders of the liberty hill historic district. i live at 325 st. carlos then. we wanted to say -- >> you can't hold the microphone. >> just like that and it works. again, technically challenged. this is almost a fully in tact segment of very old pre1906 san francisco, we knew it was fragile and vulnerable because demolitions had started and we wanted to slow this whole thing down, and also when you take on one of these old houses, it's a very serious challenge because of the age of the house, even window blast becomes fr*ifl and shadows, all the piping has to be renewed, the piping, all the electric has to be renewed and it has to be made more seismic in spite of the fact that these buildings survived 1906, we have new codes and it is advisable. so, it's a very serious undertaking, you have to build the house from the inside out, at last we see, and you can see the street
Sep 13, 2012 8:30pm PDT
. bear with me while i find the powerpoint presentation for this project. excellent. i am here representing port staff member byron and the executive director. port staff was approached in the very recent past, within the last few weeks, by representatives of p. g. any, pacific gas and electric, regarding the reliability project to serve the downtown area of san francisco. that downtown area, if you recall, suffered some of blackouts in 1998. businesses win without power for a fairly extended time span -- businesses went without power. it cost the city to look at reliability issues for power serving downtown and the broader city. san francisco is on a peninsula. it is unusual in that respect. it is hard to maintain a transmission grid that is on the peninsula. pg&e has, since that time, implemented some reliability projects. a line that ended at the hunters point substation. and has continued to work with its regulators, among them the california public utilities commission and the california independent system operator, to propose and develop options that would further enhance
Sep 19, 2012 12:30am PDT
with the authority. you should have a powerpoint presentation in front of you and we are also loading it up on the screen. and i am going to give you an introduction to map 21, which is the federal transportation bill that replaces safety will lieu. >> i am going to go over both and i am going to talk about the major reforms including the expansion of transportation alternatives and project delivery along with the impacts of the transit systems in san francisco. >> so, map 21 is on the 600-page bill, folks are still combing through the pages to determine what is exactly in the bill. so there are some changes that we will see that we might not even recognize until the end of the 24-month life of the bill. the major reforms were primarily driven by the house transportation and infrastructure committee chair. representative john mika and the senate environment and the committee chair barbara boxer. michael was focused on delivery reforms and boxer, innovative financing and those are the key points that you will see in the bill itself. president obama signed it into law in july. and back in jun
Sep 21, 2012 9:00pm PDT
between fell street, van ness avenue and valencia. >> my presentation is based on a powerpoint presentation, we ask to provide the recommendation on the landmark district consisting of 8 properties known as the market street masonry discontiguous district. the commission is requested to provide its review and comment on three items specifically. i'd like to address the consistency of the proposed designation with the policies imbedded in the general plan, the priority policies section of 101.1, particularly the provision of housing to meet the city's regional housing needs allocation and the provision of housing near transit corridors, two, to identify any amendments to the general plan necessary to facilitate adoption of the proposed designation and 3, to evaluate whether the district would conflict with the sustainable community strategy for the bay area. further consideration by the board of supervisors will occur at a future and public hearing. immediately -- some history of the district, immediately after the earthquake and fire after 2006, thousands of temporary buildings
Sep 22, 2012 12:30am PDT
have a powerpoint presentation that will show case the proposed union square station, the northern entrance of the union street market square station that i'll be showing you today and before i start the slide show, i would like to add that this design has been in six years of design development and i'm very pleased and proud to announce that i believe that your vote today will actually be the last public hearing for the designing construction of the four stations that will comprise of the central subway station, and this station has received approvals from previous commissioner from the rec and park commission, the planning department, the historic preservation committee, the union district improvement district, the arts commission and finally civic design. the central subway's essentially phase two of the third street light rail program that went into revenue service april, 2007, the 1.7 mile central subway extension essentially will cut trip times in half to over 65 thousand riders on a daily basis where 68% of the population that live adjacent relies on public transportation. t
Sep 26, 2012 12:30pm PDT
a brief powerpoint so i will ask you to get out of the line of fire if you are by the screen, but way of introduction we are very proud this evening to share with the public and with the board our student achievement results the 2011-2012 school year. we would like to share some of the lessons learned and how we got where we got and also share the next steps in terms of what lies ahead and hour work together as a district, so with that we're going to move ourselves out of the way and then we will have the gentlemen prepare to present. >> good evening commissioners. i will be joined in a moment and superintendent for instruction and innovation and social justice tonight. we are proud to point out our achievement results come from the spring administration and we were at the press release and some of it has been published. we're going to share presentation slides we shared with the administrators at a recent meeting where the superintendent and this is for context for the audience and our goals and student achievement and accountability and our continued vision around every student w
Sep 26, 2012 1:00am EDT
'sothi thafi up a crowd like a good powerpoint presentation. so kudos to paul ryan. it's kind of funny that mitt romney wouldn't embrace the powerpoint more. since in massachusetts he was t whbotothoint guy and bught medicare solvent under me which i guess made it so. paul ryan realized this was not a go move for his career. he was theeriousuyl th pe whoo fa eqlewa tok him as someone who is putting forth smart solutions. now we see the emperor had no clothes. >> and joy, the commentators who are criticizing mitt romney for not being specific on part of his tax pl, on the deduction sidef his tax plan. this is exactly what paul ryan is guilty of. paulyan knows that hang out with mitt romney has exposed him w,y'otinis at paul ryan, because romney is the big name at thhead of the ticket. but ryan knows this is hurting his game in a big way. >> yeah, i mean absolutely knhainerce apintshe young gun, he knows they're going to close. that's what this kind of feels like. it's sort of a corporate nightmare for ryan because at the end of the day paul ryan was supposedly ts s ern'd ny buhe had thi
Sep 4, 2012 1:15am EDT
my book, "new york at war." publishers and images, powerpoint presentations come as some of which are in the book, others not in the book. the book itself really covers almost four centuries. i mean, really stirs up henry had been sailing into the harbor in 1609 in his initial encounters with bill and not be indian people here, all the way up through september 11, 2001 and beyond. what i'm going to do tonight however is too narrow chronologically the focus of my presentation to really kind of make it go hand-in-hand with the period of 97 orchard street down a block comeaux which was built in 1863 by a german immigrant and was occupied by successive generations, mostly immigrants, newcomers, really up until 1935 when the building was closed. what i'm going to be doing today is given a slice of the story, really from the civil war, the 1860s up through the 1930s and the onset of world war ii. and the book does deal with a bunch of intersect team, overlapping themes. economic, political, defense, what morris was suggesting is the fortification is the key element of course. what i wan
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Sep 10, 2012 7:00pm EDT
, basically these two powerpoint presentations that have gone on for two weeks. decent honorable americans to do their very best to avoid politics, now's the time people have to make a decision. when that happens, then they said okay, i will pay attention. there's a large persuadable number inside obama's numbers, the number of people who will stick with the incumbent because everything is terrible, all choices are terrible so i will stick with the incumbent. the big moment comes in octobe october 3 with the first debate. when mitt romney walks out, he will be presidential and could experience a substantial rise for he will not and will experience a substantial fall, that is just the deal. when you get to october 3, that is when the rubber meets the road. lou: the products being expansionary. i do recall you talking about in your usual language and vivid color, the prospects of the convention and what would happen then. now we must await the first debate, this is a tiring thing waiting for the right moment, the right event, but we will stay with you because we found it productive to do so.
Sep 30, 2012 12:00pm PDT
, innovation and social justice. glad to speak on the topic today. let me switch over to our powerpoint. there we go, thank you. today's presentation there's a few things i want to be able to speak to just at a high level reminder of the school districts' vision and goals for all students. but more importantly, share some data with you today and some outcomes for some of the targeted student populations that are the focus of conversation today, discuss and share with you some strategic actions and interventions that are showing promise in some of our schools that can only benefit to expand on and highlight some of those promising partnerships that are occurring. san francisco unified school district's vision for student success, we do expect that every student who enrolls in our schools will graduate from high school, will be ready for college and career and be equipped with the skills to be successful in the 21st century. san francisco unified adopted a bold strategic plan with three goals focused on access and equity, student achievement, and account ability. -- and accountability. an
Sep 12, 2012 6:00pm PDT
of the powerpoint, maybe after this meeting, an e-mail or hard copy would be great. i'm a visual person. it's nice to have it in front of me. i warranted to as wanted to aske hispanic numbers. i looked on the cal doj website and it explains county arrest data and they list it out to types of crimes also. i still don't understand this discrepancy. so for los angeles this last year i think the latest year they have is 2010 under the cal dodge website they list the category for hispanic arrests and for los angeles it's 157,253 revenues. oakland 11,000 arrests. sanity clara, 19,000 and a small county -- not small but a less densely populated county. saying the wrong name bp so it >> i'd like to know what the data is. >> so when an officer makes a contact, and you put a -- you run a subject say on the radio through dispatch to find out what's going on and the person's of hispanic decent, normally an officer will say i'm talking to so and so, white male latin, date of birth, blah, blah, blah. and so 911 will put that in as wm, which is white male. and there is no box for latin. it's just wm. so just as
Sep 12, 2012 7:00pm PDT
in time to see the entire presentation so i look forward to getting a copy of that powerpoint. but i appreciate the attention to that issue and echo the center for juvenile criminal justice's concerns, especially with respect to past data reporting. if there is any way that we can figure out how to go back a few years, you know, or as long as we can and get some of that back data, that would be entirely helpful to those of us that do policy advocacy work and who rely on those numbers. i also wanted to echo what cjcj said in this realignment data collection is so important throughout the state and especially from local law enforcement. there are certain things i've heard i think from the commission or the press that are misunderstandings about the way realignment has been working and perhaps the rise in crime, who's committing courtrooms, and who is being released from prison. what we need is really strong numbers so we all have a good sense of what's going on here, and that people in the press are not relying on sort of generalizations about data. so that applies to data on race, as
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 94 (some duplicates have been removed)